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What are my savings?

Direct costs
~ € 300 - € 3000 / year
Indirect costs (labour hours)
> € 10.000 / year


Costs savings

  • Copying costs. The copying costs for a school that still provides most of the information on paper are several hundreds to more than a thousand euros a year. The hours spent copying, distributing and collecting paper (easily adding up to tens of hours or more than a hundred hours per year) should also not be underestimated.
  • Surveys. The costs for parent surveys can be several thousands of euros. Using surveys in is free of charge. Read more... It will also yield time savings since there is no need anymore to generate lists of email addresses. A readily usable parent satisfaction survey including benchmarking is in preparation (send an email to info apestaart schoudercom punt nl for more information).

Time savings

The many hours that are saved are valuable hours that can be used for more important matters in the school, or can be used for costs savings.

  • Messages with a questions form. Due to the automatic processing of responses by (no more copying, collecting, processing and following up) the time savings per person easily add up to several tens of hours yearly.
  • Scheduling parent-teacher conferences. Scheduling conferences for all groups is possible in in just 10 minutes. Read more... Scheduling parent-teacher conferences, requesting input from both the team and the parents during the process, and subsequently inviting the parents may take serveral tens of hours.
  • Lists of email addresses and other user data. In parents maintain their own user data and can also view the list of addresses. Read more... If you are already communicating with the parents via email you may have noticed the overhead of maintaining lists of email addresses. In parents maintain their own user data, including the email address but also their home address and important telephone numbers. Distributing lists of home addresses to parents, as often occurs, is also not necessary anymore since parents can download these lists themselves (the parents themselves indicate if their user data should be made visible to other parents).

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