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Costs parent portal

Basic School account € 400 Create
Premium School account € 680 Create

You save up to

€ 4.000 / year

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* Prices do not include VAT. Minimum prices are € 300 for a Basic School account
and € 515 for a Premium School account

The following modules involve additional costs: Payments module: € 0,25
per pupil per year, Portfolios: € 1,- per pupil per year

The paid School accounts can be used 3 months for free, for example to run a pilot. Support is included, based on a fair-use policy. The one-time fee for starting-up costs are € 350.

The prices mentioned above are for 1 school. For federations participating with multiple schools a custom offer will be made.

Costs school website

The School-website module is an optional module of the parent portal. The prices for design and yearly costs can be found in the School-website module pricelist.